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We provide services to all buyers who want to purchase an apartment, a house or a building site safely.

With our "full service” offer your property purchase will go smoothly and you will save on the purchase itself.

We can assist and guide you through your real estate purchase from begging to the very end of the deal.

Leave all the difficulties to our expert work team/ Leave your worries to our expert work team.

What services do we provide?

Property control

Within 24 hours we do a rough check of the property you want to purchase. The checking process will be carried out by an expert who has been in the real estate market for over 13 years. He will specify all the unknown variables associated with the purchase of the property and will give you recommendations including an assessment of whether it is safe to buy the said property.

Construction report

If the property is intended for reconstruction, contains hidden defects or is subject to inspection of a new building, we will provide you with the gross amount of the costs, the cost of the reconstruction or a list of unfinished parts in new buildings. Your construction report is prepared for you by Ing. architect Vojtěch Pošmourný.

Mortgage loan

If you do not have real estate financing, we will provide you with financing through our finance department.

Property review within 24h

You will receive a review from us within 24 hours, which will include information that the seller has not provided. Furthermore, if we find hidden defects in the selected property, we will negotiate on remedies or a possible discount with the seller.

Legal support

Through the Law firm Mgr. Andrew Kehara, we will represent you from the beginning of the purchase to its end. You will not work with inexperienced people, but real estate professionals who have many years of experience in real estate transfer. You do not have to worry about losing your money/recources.

Tax advice

At the same time, a tax adviser is available to you who will be happy to specify the current tax legislation. Do not look for outdated information on the internet, consult your tax adviser and save your time.

Who is behind the service provided?

We are a team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the field, and since 2014 we have been providing real estate audits, with the standard discounts granted to our clients of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands CZK regarding the purchased properties.


Real estate audit
from 2500,-
CZK / property

Verification of the property before signing the reservation agreement

Based on a real estate audit, you decide, within 24h, whether the property is right for you and you can get it. Do not hurry with the signing of the reservation agreement, check what you are buying within 24h.

Construction audit
from 3000,-
CZK / property

Inspection of the apartment before protocol delivery from the developer

The construction engineer team will verify within 24 hours whether the purchase of the property is safe.
It is also possible to consult with architects about the future implementation of layout changes and visual modifications in the interior of the property for an amount of CZK 2,000 / hour

Attorney representation through the law firm Mgr. Andrew Kehara

A check/revision of the documents submitted by the seller, the attorney will ensure the delivery of documents drawn up by his law firm. Complete legal service will cost you:

  • I)check/revision of the contents of the reservation contract, price: 950,- CZK
  • II)check/revision of the content of the future purchase contract, price: 2500,- CZK
  • III)check/revision of the content of the purchase contract, price: 2500,- CZK
  • IV)check/revision of the custody agreement, price: 1500,- CZK
  • V)express check on the second day +60% of the stated price

Tax advice
CZK for 30 minutes of consultation

Financial advice is provided free of charge.

If you are interested in the services provided,
or consultation, do not hesitate to contact us at +420 773 942 735.
We are here for you every day from Monday to Friday from 09h to 19h and during the weekend from 10h to 17h.


  • Thank you for checking the property.
    We wish you a lot of success. If we decide
    to purchase, we will be happy to contact you.
    Ing. Svabenicky
  • Thank you, Mr Sommer, for providing accurate documentation
    and information regarding the purchased property.
    Thanks to your help, buying property was much easier.
    We will forward your contact to other acquaintances in our area.
    MUDr. Kolar
  • Thank you, Mr Sommer, for the check-up of the purchased real estate.
    I was absolutely connected to the service I received,
    which made it clear to me what and for what conditions I bought.
    L. Karlickova
  • Thanks to the check prior to signing the reservation agreement, I came to the conclusion that I would be looking for a more suitable property for the time being.
    J. Veselý


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